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Gunmetal Vitesse saloon NBD521F


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Hi Dave! Unfortunately I have no information about the history of your car, but I also own a Vitesse MkI Convertible that according to BMIHT certificate was gunmetal from factory (Royal blue now). I would love to see some pictures of a Vitesse painted Gunmetal if you have any to upload. I have Googled but there are not many "gunmetal pictures" available on the internet. Do you have the heritage certificate for your Vitesse? If not, I recommend that you get one, a lot of useful information there  https://www.britishmotormuseum.co.uk/archive/heritage-certificates


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Hi Roger. Thanks. There are 2 gunmetal Vitesses on Ebay at the mo. The 1 for £11000 looks to me to be the correct colour.  Gunmetal is more of a blue than a grey, though mine looks more greyish  in sunlight!.

I do have some photo's from when I bought the car that I can email you if you don't giving me your email address (don't know if you can PM on this site).



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