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Cylinder Head Damage - Manifold Stud


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Evening all,

I’ve removed the cylinder head from a spare 1500 engine I’ve had sat in the back of the garage and I’ve noticed this damage to the casting around one of the studs holes.

Was just wondering if anybody else has had anything similar and whether or not it’s likely to cause any problems down the road (excuse the pun). I was thinking of using it as an exchange unit for a reconditioned head, but now guessing that it won’t be acceptable. Any thoughts?



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Not to my knowledge, no. It’s been sat under a sheet in my garage for the past three months since I bought it.

I thought it looked relatively recent too as the crystalline structure of the iron is clearly visible. Maybe somebody has given it a whack with a steel hammer to try and loosen the head? Might explain why none of the head nuts were torqued down when I came to take it off and the clutch retaining screws are all mangled. ?


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Muzt take more tablets  , Its the head studs with a slot dont think they did that on manifold studs ,  the same burst can happen but thats looking fresh.

Bet the washers on the head were dished , most are awful and  thats where any torqure get lost , but from what  you say its been 

Messed with by a wrong spanner alien.



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11 hours ago, derekskill said:

Aaron, has the head been dropped or "knocked" on to the stud recently? That is fresh damage, there's no corrosion on the cast iron, it doesn't look like a historical problem. 

There are apparent witness marks on the stud, opposite the face damage, as if it has met a stone or concrete recently.

I'd say, chuck that stud,  it may be bent, refit new and then ignore the damage.   It's well away from where you need a seal.


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