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Dip or sodablast


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I've done hours of research in to this and I'm aware of the general pros and cons. I wondered if anyone had any experience specific to the GT6 and their thoughts on the matter. I have rusted through outer sills and some areas of rust in the lower outer door skins and b posts. The inside of the a pillars is very brown but doesn't appear to have done any structural damage. There's about £1200 in it and would need to wait an extra 2 months for dipping. I had initially set my sets on dipping but with the extra cost and delay I'm leaning more towards blasting now but do people feel it would be adequate with my level of corrosion? 

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What is teh name of the e-coat process? That always seemed VERY impressive and got rid of any iffy bits, Mike Weaver had it done on his factory 4WD Estate.


I think the price was scary though. So on balance I would go for blasting. No expert, but I think you can use different media on different areas (soda or suchlike for panels, but something a little harsher where there is more strength)

Probably worth bracing the shell and even cutting some bits off to enable access to all the problem areas.

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Yes, the SPL job looked very nice indeed when mine came back. Since then people have expressed reservations about neutralising the acid, though SPL claim there's a stage in the process that does this. If I was doing it again I'd look closely at the other lot who bake the rust off. Forgotten the name but a search engine will soon find them. For me, it was the e-coating inside and out which gives the shell/chassis modern car rust protection (or so they say) that attracted me.

Cheers, Richard


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