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Stromberg temperature compensator cover

Ian Faulds

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Apart from making it pretty the cover is of little overall importance and the bi metal strip is best adjusted to be permanently shut 

You dont want it opening at normal,temp  or you never set the mixtures

You  could  just delete the temperature housing and plug the air holes up 

Rimmers list stock  of covers for stag  I cant confirm  if the 175 has the same size cover ,    just a thought 



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after all it is just a 1970s  idea to reduce idle emissions and lean off by bleeding air past the throttle plates when it starts to get over heated and needs leaning off .

a way of solving sniff test results of the day , 

once you open the throttles the vacuum drops and the circuit stops .

the idea was over run in the 80s by  vacuum operated thermac air filters where the incoming air temp was balanced between fresh air and hot off the exhaust to maintain 70F at the carb 


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