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Best Standard Exhaust Choice


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Hi Guys,

The car is a MK1V 1300, currently running the standard single down pipe. This is rusty and old but works fine.

I also have a slightly less rusty 1500 manifold & twin down pipe system (stock 1500 set up), slightly better condition, which I could fit.

Is there any real advantage to this system?

I assume cash strapped Triumph thought so as they spent very little on development in general?




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It's been a long time since I had a 1500 Spitfire but I think you can mix and match the two, as if I remember correctly the head ports are the same. Be aware there is a cut-out on the 1500 chassis for the larger downpipe setup. The only problem may be connecting the downpipes to your single centre pipe; I don't know if there's any difference in the pipe bore but if you're linking the two at a non-factory point it may require flaring. The only real advantage is that it will save you the cost of a replacement 1300 system...


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It does breathe a little better with te 1500 manifold/downpipe.

And there is a downside, the manifold to downpipe gaskets can be a problem. This can be just about eradicated by:

Making sure the mating faces are dead flat and mate correctly.

If the studs are not 100%, replace them. Better still, tap the manifold out to 3/8UNC (in my case M10) and use cap head set screws. They won't let go! But new studs and quality nuts should be fine.


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