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Spitfire Mk3 seats wanted.


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Danny, they are getting hard to find now. Have you tried the "usual suspects" ie spit graveyard, and are spitbits still about?

Otherwise you will have to be patient and wait for a set to appear on your favourite auction site.

Or buy mine? all recovered/foams etc. Come complete with a very nice MK3 spit.....

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If they were the seats are saw they said they were just recovered so with covers at £240 the pair base foams £140 and the squab kit 60  which comes to about £440 that price is less than you would pay to have your seats recovered.


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When you do find a pair, make sure that they have the original catches still attached - these are like the proverbial rocking horse manure. And you will need to change the seat rails too - again these are hard to find now in good condition/complete.Neither are impossible though if you are patient.

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