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Good evening.


I've recently (within the last 100 miles) replaced the cylinder head for an unleaded unit and also replaced the rocker shaft assembly. 


All went well and the engine is running fine.


However, I seem to have inherited a click click click which appears to be coming from the cylinder head. You can hear it but cannot track it down to a particular area.


I would describe it as a light metallic clicking.


Most noticeable when the engine starts from the cold and seems to ALMOST disappear when the engine is hot. 


Took it to a garage for a second opinion and they suggested perhaps a manifold nut was not tightened as well as it could be and the sound of a head valve is being amplified via that. in fact they felt it was number 3 cylinder. They are a good garage and certainly know there stuff.


I have not done any investigation at the moment.


I'm 99.9% certain that I did all the manifold(s) nuts up properly.


Is it possible that one of the rockers has gone out of adjustment, although I have adjusted them twice now.


The sound does not seem to be making any effect to the cars performance - but it's there and annoying.


I am minded to wait until about 300 miles and check everything over when I re-torque the head.


I'd appreciate your views.











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Thanks Pete.


Basically nothing to lose by taking the rocker train off completely, whilst re-torqueing the head and then refit the rocker train having checked the peds.


How would you check the spring seating with the head on ?? Just visually ?? 





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off with the rocker box and when idling jam a screwdriver in the spring coils , ( nothing too drastic )  this may change the tapping and lead to an idea .


can you use a the old faithful screwdriver stethoscope  placed against the block an place ear on handle 


eg  lift pumps can  click clatter

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