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Spitfire MK4 1300 Exhaust

Darren Groves

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Trial fitting the Semi-Sport exhaust on my MK4 Spitfire with the fitting kit from the club shop (body isn't on the car yet)...are there only 2 mounting points, one from the Diff carrier and the other from the boot floor?

Also the hanger from the diff carrier seems a bit low (see pic), is this as it should be or should it be higher?



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Does look low, I always get the exhaust tucked up nice and close to the diff.

I guess the shop is limited by what parts are available, the original used a stepped rubber washer/bush for the hole is not the diff plate, then a metal bracket. Not great as the rubber was going beer a lot of stress. So a rubber hanger works well. They are easy enough to cut and carefully drill a hole.

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