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Shim rear Vitesse axle?


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Is it possible or practical to shim or space out the rear axle to lower the suspension and make negative camber, hopefully to improve the handling?

There is some oil leaking out of the axle, so I most likely have to remove it to re work the seals and I could fit a spacer during this process.

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Drop plates are available in a variety of thickness

yes they reduce the camber



what ever you do re check the rear wheel toe with 150lbs on each seat after any suspn changes

makes for correct handling and no bunny hop rear steer on pot holes and bumps


makemsure when it is lowered that the shockers still have up travel

if they bottom out there are 3 bumpmrings inside the top dust can

but you have to shorten the can to remove any

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Roger, was it a pain to do the rear wheel bearings? mine has failed the MOT due to it feeling lumpy and rumbling so im going to put it with grease first then if that does work replace both sides.


thanks in advance



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Which car? if car is not rotoflex, chances are the driveshaft is scrap if the bearing is gone. this is because the needle rollers run directly on the shaft. You also need the proper churchill tool, or a proper copy (really, nothing else works as well, if at all and some will bend your hubs) to pull the hub off the shaft. Almost as economical to buy a complete recon driveshaft that will come with a new shaft and bearing, as well as new UJ. 


Rotoflex is another game altogether. Special spring lifter is best to get the spring disconnected and reconnected. Simple to make, diagrams available on the web I expect. Hub should be easier to get off, and usually you can reuse the shims from the bearings with noadjustments, as long as components are not mixed. But you need a workshop manual.

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