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Hi, not sure if thi is the right place for this topic.

having just joined TSSC I was looking through the club spares magazine and saw a replacement dizzy for Delco  type as fitted to my Vitess 6. Advertised at £290, has anyone bought and fitted one?

i had a 123 system fitted to my 12/50 which was brilliant and transformed the car. I would like to fit an electronic system to my newly aquired Vitesse 6, but I don't think 123 do an appropriate option, any suggestions?



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you used to  get an aldon  ignitor for the 1600 d202  delco  dizzy  from club.but seems they have dropped supply  but aldon still market one

https://www.aldonauto.co.uk/ignition/ignitor-i/delco-distributor-applications    you need a 1169 for  6cyl delco   around £140


had one on my Vit6 for 12 years

Ive just been working on a spitfire with an new  accuspark unit fitted and the magnetic rotor is a rattling good fit on the cam and probably allows 

for 10 deg of timing variation depends where the cam feels like driving the  magnet rotor as the dimensions of the cam profile is BIG

not impressed .


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