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Gt6 mk3 heater Y pieces etc

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HI Rob.

looks like my car is not the only one with parts not fitted correctly.

I would def like to know where the Vents are fitted if that is possible for you to check?

As I said, I had no pipes, no Y pieces, no vents, and no parcel shelves.    I have managed to track all the parts, but now need to work out how on earth they all fit together.

Thanks for your time.


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Just replaced my glove compartment. The metal rail that runs across the front has two hole on the underneath just before the H piece. These line up with the holes in the bracket on the passenger side vent, so the passenger side vent is just to the left of the H piece. On the driver's side I think the mirror image, although both of mine are dangling. I suspect they were disconnected as a shin hazard.


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Hi Chris

I did sort of manage to plumb it all in.  The Y pieces are supposed to be fitted to something by small brackets and although I had these brackets I could not work out where they were fitted to.

So both Y pieces are "floating" held in place by the hoses and the card parcel shelf's.


The Left hand side I think the Y piece is sandwhiched between the tunnel and the card shelf. (I will need to take another look).

The RHS is sandwhiched either between the steering column or clutch pedal and the card shelf / tunnel. I spent so long trying to get these to fit I am surprised I can;t remember. (I will take a look for you when I am next in the garage).


What I do know is that the single inputs to the Y pieces both connect to the base of the heater box.  

With the Y pieces in a vertical orientation, the upper hole feeds the dash vent and the lower feeds the lower vents.

The lower vents are fitted to the parcel shelf knee pad (soft strip that runs across the width of the 2 shelfs). These are held in place by 2 brackets.  1 bracket is a hoop which goes around the vent and the 2nd is a small bracket that connects the hoop bracket to the 2 holes in the shelf knee pad.  I was missing a hoop bracket and corrseponding shelf bracket on the LHS, so I made one from "Mechano"  (Radio strip from Halfords) and a MFI metal shelf bracket.  Seems to work. Just needs painting black.

I will take a look at the Y piece positions next time in the garage. (Tonight or tomorrow I am sure).

Hope this helps.






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Dear John,

Thank you very much for the photos. With the help of these I set to and found a workable arrangement after a few hours. Many thanks






For the possible future benefit of other readers here’s what I came up with:


1) Affix all four eyeball vents in position; two in the dash and two mounted toward the inner ends of the parcel shelves. That give the start and end locations of the ducting (the start being the lower outlets on the heater box).

2) Left hand side is fairly easy. Affix (original bracket or cable tie) Y-piece to lower left hand corner of heater box with ‘Y’ pointing skyward. Connect heater box outlet to Y-piece with a ‘U’ of ducting. With a fairly long piece of ducting, connect on arm of the ‘Y’ to the parcel shelf vent in a broad inverted ‘U’. Connect other arm of Y to dash vent in a broad curve. Plenty of space so exact lay of the ducting not critical.

3) RH is bamboozling until I worked out where the Y-piece goes. It sits, very snuggly, between the outer side of the steering column and the inner face of the glove box with the ‘Y’ pointing along the line of the steering column. No brackets, just a snug fit. Thus: a) remove glove box/pacel shelf, b) affix a long length of duct to stem of Y-piece c) feed duct over the lower steering column and affix to heater box d) trial fit glove box and adjust position of Y-piece so it sits with snugness in the curve of the inner face of the glove box and against the steering column. Remove glove box.

4) The upper arm of the Y connects to the dash vent with a long arc of duct which will sit loosely above the glove box when the latter is refitted.

5) Now the hard bit. A really long bit of ducting now goes from the lower arm of the Y-piece back over the steering column (under might be possible as well) and then bends in a really tight ‘C’ to connect with the eyeball. The is hard, and involves a lot of squidging, because the column brackets, speedo/tacho/odo cables and wiring are all in the way. Best done with speedo and tacho removed. Trial fit glove box and instruments and adjust position of duct as needed.










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