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Removing prop flange on Herald G/B


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Hi.  As usual when my girlfriend is away the kitchen table is a work bench and the hall way a tool store.

bought a very cheap/scrap Herald box to practice stripping/ and rebuilding and thought there could be a slim chance of usable/difficult/original bits to salvage, eg  lay shaft ,syncro rings,  

Having trouble removing the prop flange (yes the nut is off). Can only think it is rusted to the shaft splines. As well a using a hammer on the flange, I have held the flange in a heavy vice (though this could have squeezed the flange into the shaft a bit?) and tried a lump hammer on the side extension bolts to dry and move box away from flange. The flange is moving out of the vice jaws.

Tried pen oil. only thing I can think of is to heat the flange to expand it from shaft.

Any ideas please?.

thanks, Dave


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they normally pull off easy...youve have gone and got a gotchya oscar 

can you make up a plate cross the bolt holes , first fit the coupling nut, so as you undo the nut it presses on the plate and moves the coupling 

apart from theres not much room to spanner the nut ,  juts a way to improvise a drag 

might need long bolts and a spacer 


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I've had trouble with these also, for a really stuck one (had spent a few years outside) I resorted to my new press:


If you have a bearing separator (as above) but with a puller like this, that would be ideal:

P.S. The next step, removing the extension can also be fun. Sometimes the bearing in the end also rusts to the main shaft. And since the extension is aluminium, it doesn't like having a lump hammer taken to it...

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That is a beautiful piece of kit! I'm well impressed.

If you require one of the bearing pulling sets you can get cheap sets online - they may not be up to professional garage standard but this one was £18 and has lasted me over ten years now, and I've used it on all sorts of applications.


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