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Cylinder Head ID


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Hi All,

Can anybody help with identifying this cylinder head? 

It was on a GE block from a Herald 13/60.

Part Number 514425, Casting Number 307240. Having difficulty finding it in parts catalogues/online.

There's also a 'Stanpart' stamp, but no manufacturers' mark.

Any info welcome. Thanks. 




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It's an 8-port so that rules out 1200 in any case. 1200 heads were 514429 or later ones 514440; 13/60 heads were way up the list at 515573. It's not early Spitfire either. 

Twin-carb engines also had double springs, although the spare 6-port 1200 engine I have in the garage is stamped 514383 and has double springs. Another spare from a 1200 has the number 509896 and is single spring so the stamped numbers don't seem to have any relation to the catalogue number whatsoever.

It probably is from a 13/60 or a relative saloon where the head used the same configuration, but the single spring would point to more relaxed usage (which I think) rules out any kind of sporty application.

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