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Limited Slip diff - Dolomite Sprint

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I have a LSD in my Australian 76 delivered Sprint, there were a batch of them converted by Leyland Australia, I assume for Bathurst 1000klm homologation, where they raced Dennis Hume was one driver, who didn't get off the start line he rammed the car in front!

The Comm Numbers carry the DLOS suffix and have roughly painted rings around the rear axle case. See attached Leyland notes.

All Australian delivered Sprints were Mimosa yellow, a friend rebuilt the car 20+ years ago from a neglected wreck esp as it was one of the LSD models, and I brought it off him 4 years ago so he could make space for an immaculate E Type I keep telling him I'm next in line!

I must remember when I have it out to give it some woff to keep the LSD working!


Peter Truman

Member 70692


Leyland Notes Sprint LSD, Pg1.jpg

Leyland Notes Sprint LSD, Pg2.jpg

Leyland Notes Sprint LSD, Pg3.jpg

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