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modded HB


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If any one intrested in mod,n their HB cable and  other useless fittings

then ev a read this,


Been tinkerating agen, and mainly cos im on non standard rear brakes,
and also cos the darn OE set up just rusts away, loks solid every time ye want to adjust,or sort cables oot

not to mention the faff it is getting a new cable thru the guides ona GT

I decided t,go this route,
a swageless turnbuckle, marine grade SS, so should neva rust,or get stuck
easy t,adjust, easy t,put cable thru, as its just a bare cable, no threaded end bit,
cables noo SS too , so no moer snapped cables due t,rust

so ended up wid this set up noo


Butt, cos I cant get any thing like this int Englandshire, and no gonna pay extortionate import costs,
I went this way
pics 1, an 2
got 2 each of thee,s, took the end of each, and fitted it into the turnbuckle, t,get a toggle on ya end
and a clamp on the other end

so ended up wid item in last pic

the clamp bit is a 3 jaw wid teeth, so it gets a real good grip on cable
meb,e of intrest to some of you ladds







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With the OE set up, t,adjust cable ye gotta tek the clevis pin oot.

that can be fight its self if split pin is rusted in


Aint got it on yet, but can see its muchess  bettus than an OE set up

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