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Access to overdrive mounting

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the rear mount is accessible with the tunnel off you can see here it sits under the OD tail hsg.


the hardes job is holding the  spanner on the heads of the two bolts thro' the chassis plate , on mine we tack welded the bolts so they cant turn 

as angle of spanner and oil and gunge make them a pain to hold still , the nuts undo from down under 

support the gearbox and take care not to clout he angle drive 


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I cut a slot in the nut end of the bolts to take a screwdriver, jam the bolts with a small screwdriver while fitting the washers and nuts, then hold nut with a spanner while rotating the bolt with a screwdriver. Final tightening can then be done with the spanner, always worked well on the overdrive in my Vitesse.





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