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1500 Spitfire -Windscreen Chrome Strip Fitting

Jeremy Sayce

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i would agree it makes the fitting  a bit harder but fit the stainless before pulling in 

if its a simple mylar then  def fit after pulling in 

as with all inserts they are not just to look pretty they are there to lock the screen and rubber in place

if not locked in you can (well on a saloon) make enough air pressure slamming the door to pop the whole screen out if not locked

and it helps escaping bodies in a crash

its not just bling


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Thanks for the replies guys.

From the Rimmers catalogue the parts are described as the windscreen trim finisher in 2 parts left and right .

He has got the rubber onto the screen and then fitted to the car , so this is where the problem starts ,looks as though the trim should have been fitted to the rubber before the screen put on the car? I will advise him on this ,thanks very much for the advice , will let you know how he gets on .

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In the manual you use a wooden handled tool with a folded coat hanger made to open the rubber by inserting and load the trim in the slot as you work around , its similar for the stainless capping and the smaller mylar insert

as most have found with the capping ....it pretty impossible 


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