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courier spring

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When first got the Vit6 back in 2003 we fitted a decambered spring from moss to effect a better camber

this was hopeless and went up the tip, weak, soft,

next was a swinger kit, this was on a saloon so higher centre of gravity, we ended up withb10deg neg camber and the shockers bottomed out, so no up travel, even with the crap ride and thicker arb body roll was hopeless, roundabouts like a boat ....this was removed and despite making shorter shockers just became even lower...no good with 4 up and all the nickpic stuff in the boot


next a courier unit from Bill at rarebits4classics and some new spax shockers.


and a 1"drop plate to get the camber to 0 and now on rails in comparision to the previuos trials


most important you reset the rear toe static laden. (150lbs on each seat or 4 up)


Makes good predictable and very flat handling



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Are courier springs available again?


I fitted one to my herald estate, and used a 1" lowering block. That was used extensively for road rallies and autosolos, and it was brilliant. I removed the front ARB at the same time (couriers were not fitted with ARB's) which made evrything handle sharply and predictably.

The spring is better suited than the swingspring conversion, though that can work as long as you do not intend carrying people or heavy luggage.

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