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Gearstick Gear-lever rattle TR (big saloon, Stag?)


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Hi All,

thought this might be helpful for people who have been suffering from the common gear-lever rattle as I have been with my TR4.

i had refitted, then replaced, the anti-rattle spring at the foot of the lever but it didn’t make any difference. I found some old references to using some rubber tubing (5/8” ID heater hose) under the spring retainer, which I tried and it improved things in top only.

My last try (which has worked) was to use a length of thin-walled tubing from the lowest part of the lever through the spring retainer which is eventually concealed by the gaiter. 

Clear tube was a couple of quid off eBay, 16mm internal diameter, 19mm external diameter - hopefully the pictures below will describe it better than words.

....... Andy 





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Hi Nigel,

no worries, hope it works for you..... In my case I didn’t need to go to the hassle of removing the tunnel cover or H-frame, all doable with  the rubber gaiter off.

i did lay an old towel underneath (white one in the picture) to catch anything I might drop though - only took an hour, wish I’d thought of trying it years ago :)

........ Andy 

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Got to be worth a go Pete, hope it helps you - I’m not sure if the 2000 gear-lever is the same size as that of my 4 down at the base so may need a slightly different ID/OD of the tubing, but the principle should be identical.

........ Andy 

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