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Mk3 GT6 new heritage bonnet


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Evening , Im thinking it might be best to just buy the above rather than repair mine, main reason being the hump has been stood on in the past, aswell as wings, headlight panels and surrounds and strengthener at front need replacing.

Anywhere the best place to get one from and whats the fit like if youve fitted one please



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Hi iain. A wise man told me once it's best to repair or buy a used one as you know it's been on a car. A new bonnet has not been on a car and it may or may not be a sod to get right. Said man bought a new one and I was gonna do same. He told me he had a nightmare to get the gaps right. So on that I bought a used one and I found it straight forward. If you do buy new drill the holes for the gt6 badge before you paint it. I don't think the new bonnets come with the holes drilled. 

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Thanks for the replies, Im doing a full rebuild at the moment  full door refurbs including the skins and full sills so I can sort out the gaps no problems, everything Ive restored using heritage or non genuine panels have all had to be adjusted etc. 

In fact, a few mini restos ago I managed to buy an original Rover old stock wing for one side, it went straight on no adjusting or anything, couldnt believe it lol 

To find a mint used bonnet seems impossible, Id repair mine but like said someone has jumped on it at some point and the bulge is a mess

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