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Vitesse front springs

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Anybody any experience of using club supplied std springs lately .Confused as latest 2020 brochure show 1 part number for herald , vit , gt6 and spitfire.... clearly nonsense.

Website shows different part number series and different numbers for the models but still shows gt6 as common to vitesse which is still not correct. So is it a vit spring , a gt6 spring or a mongrel , rough calcs show a gt6 spring based on wsm would sit 0.5 in lower approx. Rimmers and Paddocks list springs as different with oe part numbers. But read many instances of new supply springs from various sources screwing the ride height . Want to support club by preferably buying from them though but been biten by the one size fits all approach before.

Will use springs with club gaz shocks non adjustable pan already supplied so no debate on spax or any other make better please.

Cheers guys stay safe.

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When I put my Vitesse back on the road got new front springs but felt front looked high so fitted lowered ones. Have two sets of front springs, the second pair came with a failed restoration, one pair marked BL-73 25/99 the others just a dab of yellow paint.



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