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Roof rust


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I sliced the old roof lining out of the Herald roof so I can fit the bracket to enable mounting of the interior lamp.
A quick scan of the roof revealed rust coming out under the seam sealer at the rear edge of the roof which is not something you would see till it is too late.
Scrape it back to get to the edges of the rust and I will put some rust converter on then zincphosphate primer.
Might put some more sound deadener on the roof as it is a bit sparse in places.

The rust isnt that bad but glad I caught it when I did before I put the new roof lining in.

Roof rust 5.JPG

Roof rust 4.JPG

Roof rust 3.JPG

Roof rust 1 (Medium).JPG

Roof rust 2 (Medium).JPG

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I wonder how much of that is moisture getting through the seams, or condensation? My estate roof is just a big sheet of cold metal behind the headlining and moisture must gather on it when driving in the cold. Before fitting the headlining I've stuck a sheet of insulation on it, more to keep the heat in the car than any other purpose.

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My GT6 roof is bad under the headlining, discovered once removed it to do the front lip. In between the headlining bars there were strips of sound deadening stuff in plastic! I dont know if thats standard but its obviously attracted condensation and moisture, Ive had to weld a few holes basically in the middle of my roof lol

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