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Spitfire Boot Hinge


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Hello all,

I'm looking to replace the boot hinges on my Mk3 Spitfire. Has anyone bought any recently that you'd recommend. 

Some I've seen online look terrible so any pointers for a new set would be appreciated.





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I bought a pair from James Paddock 3 years ago and they are slightly pitted with rust already. I expect that they are all made by the same factory and so I suppose success might depend on how you use your Spitfire. My Spitfire is garaged overnight but used throughout the year in all weathers.


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11 hours ago, NonMember said:

I think I bought mine from ANG. They're nice and shiny still but I found the fixing studs less than convincing in how they're assembled.

I'll agree with that; on some I bought a good few years back the studs were badly threaded, and some even fell out whilst I was tightening them up. When you get a set, SP, if they're not great-looking, consider replacing them with a length of steel bolt both screwed and glued in place.


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