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Sills - Vitesse 1600/6

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Hi All!  I am after a picture of how the sill is fitted to the chassis?  (one already fitted to a herald/vitesse) I understand that the holes are for self tap screws and the tabs are for spot weld to the chassis, but on top of the sill is a half oval plate with a hole?  I need a photo to show the Restorer/ Sprayer at the garage as the STNs nor the Workshop Manual give very good diagrams?   HELP!



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I didn't think there was any spot welding to the chassis. It's all self-tappers, I thought. Two or three on the chassis, lots to the body (bottom of rear wing, vertical flange of door tread plate, bottom of A-post).

If the "half oval plate" is what I think it is, then it fits under the A-post at the point where the front corner of the door skin swings in when opened. I don't have any photos but my driver's door is off the car at the moment so I could possibly get some.

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align the rear end with the wheel arch or the front end with the bonnet arch   if the tubs are about right both ends should line up (well thats a plan)

the straps can be self tapped to the side rail and  the cill   self tappers and spire nuts  you can use flat head rivets can replace the tappers if prefered depends if you think you may need to remove them anytime soon ,

we have a local car that has the sills fully welded on so spliting the tubs is now impossible ,,its all one piece Grrr  !



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