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Had this image for yonks, cant even recaal where I got it frae

there nee water jackets aboot the outer ex ports

so  can have been done t,get a roondy pipe into a roond hole,!!

the square shaped holes, { common in other engines too } are for space saving reasons  only,so LJK said


And, a modded heed for injection that prob never seen the light of day in a prd model







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2 hours ago, thescrapman said:

Maserati type PI injectors to spay the fuel on the back of the valves,

Why? No power benefit to this.  OEMs do it for emissions, especially during warm up.  Best power comes from injecting further back as fuel vaporises more fully.

Top pic is interesting Marcus,  likely prototype as you say.  Never seen that pic before - thanks for posting ☺️

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