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VAT IZ DIZ ?! (what is this think in oil pan?)


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Hello everyone, hope you r enjoying this lovely sunny day ! (here in london anyway)

Removing the oil pan from my GT6 1973, i found this at the bottom.

It feels like it s gasket sealant, gooey silver paste. I was wondering it s not those silly "seal engine" or "fix head gasket leak" ?



PS : can't put the pan back, my life is a nightmare


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It’s probably the same residue as you may find under the rocker cover…. possibly caused by a blown head gasket at one stage but certainly caused by water (condensation?) getting into the oil. You’ll see more of it if your car is sitting idle for a long time or if it’s only used for short journeys where the car doesn’t really warm up enough to burn the moisture off. Just clean it off and use a good engine oil when refilling.

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To get the sump on you need to raise the block as high as you can


maybe drop the stg rack out or shove it forwards


it will fit but may take some strong tea and a good fiddle


as said in other post

just watch hose stretch and fan fouling radiator

turn the crank so less is below the skirt


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Try a magnet on it.

I think it's very, very, very fine metal wear particles, so fine that they got through the filter.


If so, on the magnet it will look like much coarser, spikey slivers, as the metals forms along magnetic lines of forces, but as you say, feels like ointment.



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