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Girling Powerstop Servo repair kit


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I think there are early and late versions the early one does have refurb kit, but the WSM says the later one is "factory refurb" only. The later one, there is a band round the middle of the vacuum chamber, this is difficult to get off and put back, But I did it. I used the older refurb kit and I got the thing back to working as well as it did originally. I got the kit from Rimmers, but this was 25 years ago! They don't do them now. 

There's a few kits on FleaBay


It failed again a couple of years ago and I gave in and put on a Lockheed which is a very much better servo, wished I'd done that in the first place. :( 


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Hi Doug, 

Thanks for your reply. I've just got a reply from Powertrack Brakes. They actually produce the repair kits for Girling servos. Not cheap mind, but hasn't really gone up hugely since I last bought a kit in the 80's. Mine's done pretty well. It was s/h to start with 25 years ago and I rebuilt it before fitting to my Vitesse. But a routine check of fluid levels last weekend, prior to going for a run showed the master cylinder only half full! Fluid down the brake pedal told me the master cylinder seals were shot, confirmed when I took it apart. Having rebuilt and refitted that, I thought I'd remove the servo and give it a new lick of paint before refitting and bleeding. I'm glad I physically checked it before refitting, as it has a small hydraulic leak.

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I had my Girling Powerstop 5156 rebuilt by JL Spares of Rochdale.

In 2010 it cost £240+VAT, which included powder coating the vacuum canister and re-plating all the parts. Tel 01706 644210 (Scott) if you are interested.

Could be an alternative source for spares if you want to rebuild it yourself.


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