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1966 Vitesse Mk1 1600 Quarterlite Rubber 613343

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It's a long thin metal strip - don't ask me how it's attached - possibly tack welded in place! All it seems to do is to fill the gap along the top of the door frame. In one of my cars it was silver, in the convertible it's red. You can duplicate it easily enough with a suitable metal dowel, or else just cut a rubber seal to length and press it down into the gap between the door frame and the quarterlight.

4DE1A24C-3FE8-45FE-B9AA-761E6B46967C_1_105_c.jpg.c3d87ea97d2a4c7fdfeb6016a1bc03da.jpg 010D7AAF-ED23-4639-9544-D4E1470AB799_1_105_c.jpg.aa1ee7d8db1430cb5c2687d1d2417177.jpg



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