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UNN 497 G Vitesse II convertible


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Had my lovely Triumph for three years now and am getting increasingly frustrated that I know nothing of what it was doing was from 1969 to 2010.

Here's what I know:

Registered in Nottingham (Mitchells of Nottingham) on 7 January 1969. Royal blue/black interior.

I'm the 7th owner, the 6th had the car from 2010 to 2017 and lived in Croydon. He bought it from a dealer who thought it might have come from East Anglia. Dealer resprayed it Wedgewood Blue.

Some time after 1969 it was resprayed first BRG then red.

At some point it was fitted with an SAH rocker cover and may have an SAH head too. Overdrive possibly a later fitment too. Otherwise standard, indeed the whole car was very original (apart from colour).

If anyone can help I'd be very grateful. Car is a keeper - just want to know a bit more about it!

Many, many thanks if you can help.

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Indeed, very frustrating and not made any easier by DVLA withdrawing the V888 application form several years ago.

It was this form that allowed a CURRENT OWNER to recall the V5 history of the car; which proved highly useful in many cases in contacting PO's - certainly for me.

As for the moment, it really is a case of hoping that someone steps forward with historic knowledge regarding the car.

Good luck.


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I have just tried once again to trace previous owners of my Current Classic, I tried to explain some important reasons why I needed to contact previous owners, but I'm not hopeful it will make any difference?

This is the previous reply I got a couple of years ago from DVLA after submitting the V888 Form:

Thank you for your email


I wish to explain that from the 1st September 2017 all requests for information from DVLA vehicle records, whether submitted by individuals or companies are considered under Regulation 27 of the Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 2002. This law allows DVLA to release details of registered keepers where reasonable cause has been met. While reasonable cause is not defined in legislation, the Government’s policy is that it should relate to the vehicle or its use following incidents where there may be liability on the part of the driver or keeper. Examples being:-


·         Where details of a previous keeper(s) is required for court proceedings

·         Finding out who was responsible for an accident

·         Tracing the registered keeper of an abandoned vehicle

·         Tracing the registered keeper of a vehicle parked on private land

Further guidance on what constitutes reasonable cause is published online at www.gov.uk/request-information-from-dvla


Disclosures under reasonable cause also need to comply with the Data Protection Law. DVLA has looked into the lawfulness of whether providing the previous keeper history of a vehicle meets our obligations under the Data Protection Law. We have considered whether releasing the personal details of a previous keeper(s) to the current keeper or someone acting on their behalf meets the reasonable cause provision. In the circumstances you have described there is no lawful provision that would allow DVLA to override the rights to privacy of the vehicle’s previous keeper(s). 


This is not to say that DVLA would not be able to provide the vehicle history if required by the current keeper or someone acting on their behalf with the consent of the current keeper. However, all third party personal information, that is names and address of previous keeper(s) will not be provided unless the reasonable cause provision can be met. This ensures that DVLA is fully compliant with the current Data Protection Law and the new General Data Protection Regulation that came into effect on 25th May 2018.


I am sorry to send what must be a disappointing reply, however I trust this explains the Agency’s position on the matter.




We can always spot an untaxed car. Tax it or lose it.

Go to www.gov.uk/vehicletax

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Hello Gary,

I fear it is a door now closed and permanently locked, as far as the DVLA is concerned, regarding such submissions !!

One can only hope that your request falls on to a favourable desk of a like-minded classic car owner who is retiring from the DVLA this Friday 😐

Good luck.


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You could try asking for copies of V5 asking for the owner details to be redacted as you wish to identify at what point the car changed colours.

That should not require them to consider GDPR as you could make no use of that information apart from updating g your personal records.

 Other option is to write to say the car was parked on your property in say 1975 and you wish to pursue the then owner for a parking charge.

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