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Vitesse Twin Strombergs Wanted


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The Solex carbs on my recently bought Vitesse 1600 are pretty worn out. I’m planning on swapping them out for some twin Strombergs.

Anyone have any available, or know where I might get hold of a reasonably priced set? 

Currently based in Surrey but will soon be moving to Yorkshire.

Please get in touch to negotiate a price.



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On 01/10/2020 at 19:28, Pete Lewis said:

i got my mk1 manifold and stroms from TRGB in somersham    (01487 842168 )   have a feeling they dispersed a lot of their stash ,as they mainly do TR now 



Hi Oliver, welcome!

I was at TRGB a couple of months ago and they still have a huge assortment of secondhand Triumph spares. Of course, it's mostly TR parts but not exclusively so.

Also try Spitfire Graveyard in Sheffield and eBay, where early manifolds turn up from time to time. Wanted adverts in the Courier can also yield results for hard-to-find parts, it's worked for me before.


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On 04/10/2020 at 20:41, Pete Lewis said:

trgb used to have clearance open days when  you could browse  buy a  burger   and    buy what you found but think they stopped last year and with current  lockdowns   dont see that happening  now 


Pretty sure TRGB bought all the spares from Manvers Triumph 




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