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Advice please.

mark powell

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I have almost completed the rebuild of my J C Midge and am replacing the old and mangled commission plate with a new one.   I know the original donor was a GA***** number as is just visible on the old plate. However, on checking the registration doc to confirm the numbers, I see that it is showing CA*****. Both sets of numbers are the same.  

Should I stamp the new plate with the CA number, or contact DVLA to correct it?   I will have to contact them anyway to register a change of colour.   

Also, it is registered as a Triumph Herald 1200  saloon, as that is what was required by the Local Vehicle Licencing office back in 1986.  I may change the body type to Sports but I am tempted to let sleeping dogs lie, as I don't ever intend selling it.

It was a different ballgame when I re-registered the Herald estate as a pick-up in 2018, as it was a 'new' build,  The Midge has been around for 34 years, with documentation including magazine photos from the 80's.

 What to do.  

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My advice is to stick with the commission number that's recorded at the DVLA, and stamp your new commission plate the same as the V5C to keep the MoT tester happy. Getting the DVLA to correct even a minor typo can lead to a world of pain, where multiple letters. receipts and inspections are required to get the new registration document.


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