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Time for a new diff? 1980 Spit 1500

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Accelerating hard, particularly around 3,000 rpm, there is a sort of grinding noise and vibration I can feel through the gear lever.

On the over- run, the transmission gets very jerky under 2,000 revs.

Has had a recent recon engine and gearbox; UJ's seem ok so I presume diff problems.

Advice to confirm likely cause, please!

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Propshaft bolts still tight?

Also check gearbox mounts, engine mounts and exhaust alignment. Sounds like something is moving under load and bringing parts that should be rubber mounted into contact with the chassis. Torque peak is around 3000 so that’s where everything is at maximum deflection.


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Front engine bearers look fine- haven't had it on the ramps yet to look underneath though.

I am still thinking of the drive train somewhere- if it isn't the diff, could it be the gearbox? definitely a sort of harsh grindy  rattly noise on full throttle

The jerkiness on the over-run below 2,000 revs is pronounced- the gear lever twitches and there are clunks.

There could be a slight chance that this last is engine related, as though it was cutting out and picking up again. A change from points to electronic ignition, plus a new coil, seem to have made no difference, so I am doubtful about that.

I'll post on the gearbox section, to see if anyone has had this problem.. 

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The gearbox and diff have got the correct levels of oil havent they? I know it sounds crazy but its been forgotten before, especially after rebuilds😳

If youre going under the car its a good time to check or you could even drain the gearbox first to see if theres any contamination...

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