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GT6 wheel trims

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Hi all

Has anyone experience of these or knows which are best?

I need to replace the four original wheel trims which are metal but severely pitted and I'm sure are beyond hope.

Rimmers are offering two kinds - both almost the same price.

One set is decribed as "silver", the other as "plastic chrome effect".

Which is best?



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One is silver, one is chrome. I suspect one will turn out to be a light grey but dull plastic and the other as in the photo, highly reflective.

I've just checked and Canleys have photos of both on their website:

490681625_ScreenShot2021-06-16at13_45_43.jpg.8c11924225cab17250cc8a187f895d4f.jpg  1785087927_ScreenShot2021-06-16at13_45_49.jpg.b48655671d0afc91f857afc0a11c9f98.jpg

As for which is best? It may come down to personal choice in the end.

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