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How much dashpot oil Stromberg 150cd


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Hi everybody


Just wondering how much.  If I fill them up quite high, so resistance is felt quite soon after lifting piston with finger, then I have noticed it overflows into carbs after the car has run.


manuals seem to suggest they are filled quite high.


Any advice appreciated.


cheers, Dave 

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If you over fill it, it will over flow when you put the piston in. It will then have the correct amount of oil in!  If you are losing oil, the "O" rings need replacing Which is a bit of a fiddly job needing some care. Here is a good guide to all things Stromberg. It is a Stromberg, is it? :wub: If not, ignore my ramblings!



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Doug, never rambling just good ideas


just to add if its a fixed non biased, bottom adjuster spec then normally its not got an O ring


doesnt matter if its over filled the spill just gets sucked in and burnt, this can give you a blip of blue smoke


rapid piston drop can heave oil over the top , but that keeps the slide lubricated, SU can also

suffer overspill thats why its on the frequent service sheets to check and top up


a number of designs over the years to improve this never realynworked


just keep a small oiler of 20/50 and keep oiling !!!!!



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