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  1. All sorted. Thanks again for the part number Colin.
  2. Thanks Colin. Yes the plate is there. The screw is what I need then. Anyone on here want to sell me one? Or the entire shifter mechanism if you don't want to split. Thanks.
  3. Just fit a new bushing kit to the mk4 and now realise why reverse was too easy to find. Is it a part I need to order or is there it a nut bolt and spacer/washer jobby? Thanks in advance.
  4. After doing a quick refurb of the frame (rubdown and paint) i have refit the unit to the car. Wound you say this is an acceptable fit? Also i notice potential damage to in this area both sides I have put a cloth both sides to cushion. Is there supposed to be a rubber seal on the front of the inner frame? Lastly, is this how the hood sits by the top rear of both doors? I guess it would flap about at speed and cause this to happen. I was wondering if the flap was significant here? I also bought the two chrome effect plastic cappings years ago, but for the life in me, i cannot see how they attach. Has anyone got a close up picture of these fitted to the car? Thanks in advance. Simon
  5. Thankyou both for the information. I have that bracket on the hood which locates the inner bolts. Never crossed my mind the two outer bolts locate a hardtop. School day every day for me with this car.
  6. Can anyone tell me what the two outer bolts are for I have the hood off for a cleanup atm and the inner two bolts were the only ones i had to remove to take it off. Spitfire mk4 '72 Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks chaps and sorry for the late reply on this. An old squaddie mate rucked up around lunchtime yesterday and a bloody bender ensued. Like an idiot around 10pm (i think) i thought i was Mr Invincible with the trim.... big mistake. Anyway, just took a few pics of my handywork. I decided to leave the anxhorage in place btw. A bit rough round the edges but hey ho. Even positioned the centre console bits i bagged from Spitfire Graveyard last month. Coulpe of self tappers and all should be good. Just need to refurb the passenger seat and swap out the doorcard and should be good to go internally. Then onto the door window inner outer seals 🤔
  8. Hi, so i have a free day today and thought i would tidy the rear trims up with Owens finest. Seems pretty straight forward untill i look at the vinyl replacements for the rear arches. Can i remove this and refit with ease? Or do i trim the new vinyl around it? The original would suggest it comes off, though i dont want to open up a can of worms. Thanks in advance.
  9. Both nice cars in their own right but you can't compare the two surely. However if i had the money i would consider having both in my stable. The price does reflect well on gt6 owners though.
  10. That makes sense Peter. I wasn't having a pop btw. This is why i don't do facebook, twitter and instagram etc. Unfortunately too many people do, then fill my head with the tripe it spouts. I cant remember who told me the story but glad to hear the truth from an aussie. When i look at all these death rates from WHO it strikes me that certain countries are more efficient at controlling this virus. Namely ones surrounded by water. Trust the UK to fcuk up a glorious opportunity to follow suit. Enjoy the summer you lucky bugger 😎
  11. Si i did recently read about a 5km travel limit (from home address) in Victoria, but a pregnant woman dragged from her home by police for a comment made on social media? Or have i been dwinking too much Gwuinness these last few weeks. Sounds like you guys are a little bit stricter on the matter. We just appear to be gliding towards an xmas full lockdown.
  12. I bought my '72 mk4 over 10 yrs back and the trim was black on rear wings and chrome on the rear Still the same but the Triumph bit was replaced for new., ie not held on with tie wraps I always thought the wing tops had at some point been replaced for mk5 items. I like the look as is tbh. I guess chrome/chrome would smarten the appearance up.
  13. Bit the bullet Colin. Mine is now missing the flip lever...presumed new home bottom of tank. Here are the pictures Mine don't appear to be screws, the heads look more like pop rivets, but surely not. Ordered a new unit along with a new deck grommet, filler neck hose and 2 fasteners. Couriered for tomorrow circa £105. Not bad tbf. Plus i have a free paperweight. Thanks for taking time out to reply.
  14. Hi Colin It's not the hinge side, it's the bit you flip to release. A metal part about an inch long flew off with broken dowels either side. I will take some pictures tomorrow and post. I saw the two you mentioned on ebay earlier. They look a bit ropey. Mine is in goog condition by comparison. Like you say about £60/£70 should get me a nice shiney new one. Might even get a locking one.
  15. Just been out for a spirited drive to get some miles in and nearing home went to fill up with fuel. When re clipping the cap, the latch came apart. Looks like a couple of dowels secure it to the main cap that have failed. Cant post pics at moment as not near the car. Is this fixable? Or do i purchase a new unit. I filled to the brim so needs fixing asap. Simon
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