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  1. Both nice cars in their own right but you can't compare the two surely. However if i had the money i would consider having both in my stable. The price does reflect well on gt6 owners though.
  2. I bought my '72 mk4 over 10 yrs back and the trim was black on rear wings and chrome on the rear Still the same but the Triumph bit was replaced for new., ie not held on with tie wraps I always thought the wing tops had at some point been replaced for mk5 items. I like the look as is tbh. I guess chrome/chrome would smarten the appearance up.
  3. Bit the bullet Colin. Mine is now missing the flip lever...presumed new home bottom of tank. Here are the pictures Mine don't appear to be screws, the heads look more like pop rivets, but surely not. Ordered a new unit along with a new deck grommet, filler neck hose and 2 fasteners. Couriered for tomorrow circa £105. Not bad tbf. Plus i have a free paperweight. Thanks for taking time out to reply.
  4. Hi Colin It's not the hinge side, it's the bit you flip to release. A metal part about an inch long flew off with broken dowels either side. I will take some pictures tomorrow and post. I saw the two you mentioned on ebay earlier. They look a bit ropey. Mine is in goog condition by comparison. Like you say about £60/£70 should get me a nice shiney new one. Might even get a locking one.
  5. Just been out for a spirited drive to get some miles in and nearing home went to fill up with fuel. When re clipping the cap, the latch came apart. Looks like a couple of dowels secure it to the main cap that have failed. Cant post pics at moment as not near the car. Is this fixable? Or do i purchase a new unit. I filled to the brim so needs fixing asap. Simon
  6. I waited about 7-8 weeks for mine. All packaged really well i must say. He does do leather as he offered me that option, but didn't bother asking lead times as i wanted the smooth grain plastic. So the drivers seat is done bar the tilt lever as i had to butcher the two screws to get them out. Will pop into the hardware store tomorrow to source replacements. Glued rear cushion to frame with new lats The calico slot is between lats 2 and 3. Add some plastic to aid fitment. Then on with the cover. Clip down the calico, rear and two sides and B
  7. Yes Doug, but i bought the whole shebang. All 4 covers smooth finish, 4 foams, doorcards, rear 1/4 cards, wheelarch retrim and the big rear card. Comes with new rubber slats, some clips and a big bag of tie wraps. Have to say the covers look great.
  8. Now my car is mechanically sorted (bar waiting delivery of richer needles and solid butterflies to finish up) i thought i would turn my attention to the seats and plastics. My drivers seat base is fubar. The passenger base is quite good and gives me a good reference as a starting point. Lets start with some pics Basket out and first coat of hammerite all in one smooth black. Same for the tilt mechanism. Here is the existing backrest foam and cover The seat frame with its first coat after sanding back resting on the seat base. I p
  9. Little update on proceedings with regards to my seized engine. For once lady luck was on my side. After dropping the oil i noticed nothing untoward with the condition of it, no shiney metal flakes etc. So i took the starter off and had a peek inside and saw this. What could it be? Off with the bellhousing and look what fell out... It somehow got lodged in the flywheel teeth. The to$$ers i paid to finish the car off used over length bolts and cut them down. They must have done this with the starter motor off, and into the bellhousing it went.
  10. Simons3

    Rebuilt engines

    Thanks Richard and others for your pm's, i will follow these leads up. Pete, it's only an engine and will be fixed, but not by me. The £££ will be more than i wanted to spend, but not a disaster to me. Engine number is FH3..... but vaguely remember head being single spring. Maybe it was swapped out prior to my ownership. Thanks for the heads up re Ivor Searles, i will google them for more info. Simon
  11. Simons3

    Rebuilt engines

    Yes it makes one wonder. The lack of address and only a mobile, plus the ebay prices quoted. Let me cut to the chase. I really need some experienced help here from you guys as i am obviously way out of my depth here. About 5 yrs ago i removed the head on my 72 mk4, took it to a very reputable engineering shop and had it refurbed for unleaded. I also get them to fit double springs (mistake no. 1) Around this time my mum passed on my b'day with the big C. This hit me hard as 2 yrs previously i lost my dad. The head never got refitted and i put it to one side (mistake no. 2)
  12. Simons3

    Rebuilt engines

    Has anyone used Eurika Triumph for a rebuild/exchange service? They are based in North Wales, but a google search is unhelpfull for obtaining any reviews.
  13. Thanks for the quick replies gents. I went with your theory Pete, as the wire was too short to go anywhere else really. My speedo only has the one fixing clamp and for the life in me i cant find a supplier who stocks them. Changing the stabiliser with the speedo in-situ is a right pita btw. Will update my other thread soon with some pics as things have been a little strange for me these past few months. The car is up and running though and i have managed to put a few miles on the old girl. Simon
  14. I was replacing the voltage stablizer this afternoon to hopefully sort my over reading temp/fuel guages when i found this unattached ground. Hoping for some help with where it is supposed to go. Car is a '72 Spit and it exits the main loom with all the speedometer/stablizer wires. Thanks in advance.
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