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  1. You haven’t opened a hornets nest ,more brought back to attention things that need sorting out, we only have so much man power on Com and we have all been rather busy sorting out Covid Tssc then organising the joint international event. I really do want to hear peoples thoughts on what the club does and how it does it The website is something we are very aware is a problem as well as the on line shop. I find it difficult to understand why a lot of people on the forum have a dislike of social media when it is a fantastic opportunity to promote the Tssc and interact with Triumph enthusiasts currently we interact with over 11,000 people a day on various social media platforms all for free and instantly, the response is incredible with our best post reaching out to over 70,000 people from one picture. I feel that a spokesperson for the Forum would be a great idea and i think we all know who would be the best person to do this ! Not just to go to the Agm but to have regular interaction with either myself or another member of Com. All of your thought would be gratefully received on here ? Thanks Chris Tssc chairman
  2. Chris   ive done all this but on the old lost site  if i can help and thats from home 

    ive half a mind  to offer some help with training on how the site works etc 

    my concerns are getting areas meets up to date and get some photos in the awful online club shop 

    let me know  if this would work/help or whatever 


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Triumph948


      Hi got it 

      Tom Hartley is now on this, I will speak to Nigel and get back to you 👍

    3. Pete Lewis

      Pete Lewis

      yes i did spot and  of reply to  Tom   its not fair for him to put his head above the wall  ha !

      i will help where i can/  or if you want me too 

      you know me always up for it even if we clash with rules at odd times of trouble   

      regards  Pete

    4. Triumph948


      Thanks Pete, Tom will be in touch after our Com meeting this Tuesday 👍

  3. Hi All, I keep an eye on the forum most days, if you have anything that you feel needs attention let me know. We are all volunteers and have full time jobs but do our best. If any one has some free time or expertise we are always open to help or fresh ideas. The forum is important to the Tssc as are the other digital platforms Cheers Chris
  4. Don’t worry John an article is on its way , we spent along time making sure it is the unicorn, the british motor heritage certificate proves its the real thing. lots of advice was taken and approx six months of communication took place. one of one don’t come available very often 👍
  5. Peter, what a great car, thanks for all the information as well 👍
  6. Our international event just got bigger ! we are now working with the TR register and the MG car club to bring you a fantastic three day event this August
  7. Hi Mather as long as the money has cleared in the bank you will be fine, I have bought and sold cars like this many times before. good luck with the sale
  8. Badwolf always open to ideas for the Tssc shop what did you have in mind ?
  9. Pete I’m not getting into an argument On the flip side why would any body download a Tssc document if they were not a member it would be of no use, also your event was advertised in the Tssc Courier the official magazine of the Tssc and on the Tssc forum and Social media platforms, Com asked for it to be cancelled you decided not too hence why we did what we did. I find it rather difficult to hear you say the Club were never involved as we have supported the event since it started along time ago. Hq staff and the club shop have been coming for years As I said above this year is different we are only trying to make sure that our membership are kept safe from Covid That is my last comment on the matter
  10. Dear Pete and the forum , This statement is not to start an argument purely to put Com’s side of the story on record As you all know these are strange times and nothing like Covid has ever been seen before, making this year something of a special year. Com are voted in by the membership of the Tssc at the Agm to make sure the club is run in an appropriate way, this year we have been very mindful of making the right choices to keep every one safe and to follow government guide lines. Com made the decision to not put any Tssc events on for the foreseeable future after Boris mentioned the rule of six a few weeks ago, this is to make sure every member could be as safe as possible, meaning no area meetings/ chip shop runs etc etc let alone larger events. I spoke to Pete about not doing Duxford over the phone and he said he was happy to carry on with the event should Duxford be happy for it to happen, the Com did not want this too happen as it went against the above decision. Pete then went ahead and organised the event on his own terms with his team with the Tssc withdrawing support for the event this was only done to keep people safe. At no point was this a personal vendetta against Pete No one can use Tssc event insurance if the event is not backed by the Tssc had the event been Tssc backed then of course you could of used anything that the club has to offer for events and the club shop and staff would of been in attendance. To summarise we have been in and are in unprecedented times given the Covid pandemic. We believe that Com have done the right thing to keep the Tssc membership and staff safe. Yours sincerely Chris Gunby Tssc chairman for and on behalf of the Tssc council of management
  11. Having liased with Pete Lewis the Tssc Com have withdrawn support for the event as we feel the health and safety of our membership is of the upmost importance. we are not happy that the event will not breach government guide lines We are not here to have an argument, we are here to put our memberships health and safety first For and on behalf of the Tssc Com chris Gunby Tssc chairman
  12. Hi All Com are constantly looking at insurance valuations as the market is always evolving, approximately three years ago we started putting the date of the last review on the bottom of the valuation sheet, last review Feb 2020 Some cars values change a lot others not have not changed a lot in years, it all depends on the market for that vehicle. Insurance valuations are to cover the vehicle in a total loss situation and are only a guide, vehicles can be valued over the guide price as well as under. Vehicle rarity and condition as well as originality or modification can all have a huge effect on value. I hope this helps Chris Tssc chairman
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