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Exhaust manifold aesthetic paints & coverings


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Hi all.  I’m sure this will have been covered to death before so apologies.

When I restored my GT6 I used a VHT paint on the exhaust manifold.  Looked great for 5 minutes but very quickly the paint peeled off.

Bearing in mind I’m only interested in aesthetics, has anybody found the perfect cost effective solution that lasts? I looked into professional ceramic coating but very expensive.

Obviously preparation is half the battle.  I’m assuming blasting first is the way to go.

POR-15 seems popular.  https://www.holden.co.uk/p/por_15_high_temperature_manifold_gray?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIotCvzJ7v-gIVEu7tCh2BywBbEAQYCyABEgK5cvD_BwE

I’d prefer silver or grey (not barbecue black!)

many thanks


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Yes ceramic coating is very expensive. As for DIY paint, I agree VHT paint etc very quickly flakes off, unless the surface is scrupulously clean and even then doesn't seem to last. I'm getting mine Ali coated  by a local (to me) firm, after Ian F recommended them on here. I was quoted £48.00 all in. 


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I find that "Bike Pot Black" by Hermetite goes on well by brush and shows no sign of flaking from my exhaust manifold after several thousand miles (even if the contents of the tin must be  >40 years old!) Sadly I suspect it may no longer be available.



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