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Propshaft Balancing and Replacement

Neil Clark

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Took the propshaft to Propshaft Services in Feltham.  On their balancer, one end was so far out it would have needed big truck weights to correct.  The UJ's were OK but by no means new.  They offered to make a new one for £140.00 plus VAT, on the spot.  Knowing that they make a lot for serious stuff like big Thames Water pumps and for racing and drift cars I asked how long it would take.  "2 hours".  It was 2 hours 10 minutes including painting!



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some previous owner had fitted a home made prop to the 2000 whuch had a good vibro massage  on examining and wondering why 

the tube  had been welded on without a spigot to the coupling flange so had some wonderful runout 

the car was buit with overdrive so it wasnt a mod to suit ,  why i will never know 

new prop from Bailey Morris  was the solution 




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