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Looking for steering wheel HUB for Formula Speedwell wheel


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7 minutes ago, DanielH said:

Hi there, thanks for your feedback!

I've ordered a 3D-printed boss from a company in Switzerland for reasonable money. It is printed in metal. I am going to send a foto as soon as I receive it.



Oh, contact details please

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As part of my restoration I’ve restored my speedwell wheel and bought a new horn push, but have misplaced the boss 🤦‍♂️. Do you have a photo of your 3D printed item? I’ve managed to pick up a new metal correctly sized core that attaches to th column, but have no plastic casing for the rear, nor plastic front piece. Would be interested in any available, but especially a repro (the old one was somewhat mis-shapen)

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23 hours ago, johny said:

not one of these is it?


Unfortunately not; I'd be looking for a plastic (not leather) coated one, but there is one for sale on eBay currently. Disappointingly those "big" bosses are about 11cm across, where the flat element of the Triumph wheels (and the one I've picked up) is only ~7cm across, so need the narrower piece in the OP. Cheers for checking eBay though!

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