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Hello, can you please help me locate cherished car


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Hello there, 

My husband purchased a Triumph Herald convertible 13/60 1968  in 1995 - both to celebrate an occasion and also because I had told him that, when I passed my driving test c1972, I could never have afforded a car BUT if I had it would have been a Triumph Herald convertible! 
This car became my pride and joy, especially (having rear seat-belts fitted) our dogs (or children) could 'feel the breeze!'
Unfortunately, and with heavy hearts (long story cut short) we could no longer maintain it and we sought a loving home for it in 2016. The buyer said he purchased old cars for film sets so maybe she has become the pride and joy of some rich film star along the way and is pampered in a climate controlled environment.
If she wasn't as lucky we are now in a better position financially and I would love to know how 'she' is and if it is possible to buy her back.
Checking with the DVLA she (XLP855G) is still 'alive' and Mot'd but obviously we do not know where the owner is.
I just wondered if you have this car or know the present owner and if you could pass on a message to the proud owner or ask other members to keep an eye out for it?
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Thankyou Mathew and Neil for replying.

Mathew - yes I may buy a different 'she' if unsuccessful in my search

Neil - Thankyou, The TSSC as the first people I contacted ( having being a previous member) but unfortunately they do not keep register of number plates (under data protection?). They were very good in their quick reply - advising me to try Facebook and the forum which I have done. I am an old lady myself with outdated computer skills 😀so took quite an effort! Fingers crossed someone knows where she is

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Thankyou everyone, I have heard through face-book group that she has been to France! Also pictures techy people have found through flickr (whatever that is 😄)  photos of her with her vitesse front and hardtop. Still would like to find where she is and whether I can buy her back. Else I may take up Jeffs' offer xx

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