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Clutch bleeding 2500 Saloon


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Hi all 

Just rebuilt my clutch master cylinder and replaced the slave cylinder. 

Tried all morning to bleed, it no joy!☹️

I have the bleed nipple on the top.

Any tips or ideas? I've done it before and knew it was going to be a pain, but not this bad!!

Many thanks

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push the slave piston back into the cyl as far as it will go to reduce cyl air capacity  bleed  then it takes afew pumps to reset after bleeding .

hopefully the clutch operation is just a hydraulic fault and not the regular failure of the dowel bolt sheared in the withdrawl lever to shaft problem ???

which really usets the slave lever and throwout positions 


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Clutch now bled!!

It took a few hours of frustration. I ended up removing the slave cylinder clamping a bit of wood over the piston to stop it shooting out. Then held the slave cylinder above the master cylinder, diagonally with the nipple uppermost with my wife pumping the pedal the bubbles disappeared. 

No tears and no crunching the gears!!🙂

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