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which is quicker better drive vitesse or herald with 1500 spitfire engine


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Either have overdrive? a 1500 herald will really need it. The vitesse would be nicer with it, but copes better with the revs.

But the decision is yours. I have run a couple of herald 1500s nboth with OD. And for many years a 2.5 vitesse as an everyday car. The herald definitely better as an everyday car, but the vitesse was more "special" 

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The six pot will last much longer. My 1600/6 covered 100,000 miles with just a broken valve spring in that time. I had to rebuld the bottom end of two different 1500 engines at less than 50,000 miles.

Ask Pete L how to tune the 1600. It sounds much nicer anyway. I have never owned a 2 litre but suspect that it is sweeter that my 2.5 and more willing to rev,

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agree the reputaion of the short life 1500 Vs the 6 pot is a no brainer 

as for tuning the 1600   didnt do that much swapped out the solex for stroms 

good cold air intake  

3mm skim off the head 

used a alloy back plate (lighter) but mainly due to orig being distorted 

2" exhaust with single silencer  ( think that was a hearald semi sport ) and she had a clean super exhaust note to die for

twin wheel barrow just sounded crude and more of a hair drier ( sold that bit )  

very free reving ,  std cam but remember some work on the valve springs 

use 97+ fuel

aldon ignition 

std air fiters with a shallow ram added inside the filter 

edit           forgot  the 6-3-1 manifold 

she would out run the local TR7 s 

3.89 diff 4sync  18mm spigot G box and Overdrive 

type 16 calipers  mintex 1144 and servo 

courier spring with 1" drop plate

and so on  

the guy who bought it thought it had a V8    ( cant help him with that daft idea)

went back to croydon where she was  first registerd no idea how she is now but its taxed  


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29 minutes ago, johny said:

Dont think engine longevity is too important these days😂

You say that, but I was averaging a 1500 engine a year in my Toledo. Failures at some good places, Goodwood pit straight, the Prodrive test track (STAR90) and another on the way to the start of the RBRR, but to be fair that was a pants oil filter theat blew off at 70ish. Fitting a (100K)TR7 engine sorted that for about 5 years until that got too tired. 

The ford engine in my spitfire was fitted as I just know it is tricky to build a long-lived triumph engine capable of good power (175+bhp). The ford engine had 110kish on it, stripped, light hone and new rings and bearings, though the bearings had very little wear, I probably should have kept them. That egine has done well over 30K in the spitfire now, and despite breathing a bit at 7000rpm, has been good as gold. Lots of life in it. 

Sorry, waffling on. If driven sensibley, the 1500 will last well with regular quality oil changes and no thrashing. The 1600 will last better, but for many people you are right, it is a moot point.

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