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Filler inflammable.


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Most dusts/fine particles burn beautifully when airbourne. Flour mills exploding was a real issue at one point.

We used to used custard powder as a mild explosive, anything with fine sugar is excellent.

Polyester fillers will burn, but the dust would be potentially explosive. 

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As Merchant Navy personel, I got asked to attend a 4 day "fire awarenes" and fire fighting course, at Liverpool Airport back in the 70`s. One of the fire officer lecturers, walked us through the whole business of Explosive dust`s. (we regularly carried powdered cargoes) and put on a (small) demonstration for our Benefit. Quite impressive the results of just a small quantity of Flour in the atmospere. His explanation was that the micro size of the powder, and being a carbohydrate, allowed a far more rapid flame propagation and if being additionally blown by air (Oxygen) that made it decidedly lethal. Almost any "sugar" will burn or explode in the right conditions.

Rank`s. Flour milling, had employees regularly "hoovering" dust from surfaces in the Hull Factory back in the 50`s./60`s.


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