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Money grubbing sharks!


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East Berks meet at the Shire Horse on the 2nd of the month. An eagle eyed member phoned me yesterday having spotted this is Valentines day! He also discovered The Shire Horse has a Valentines Day special menu. I phone to ask if the ordinary menu will still be available only to be told our booking has been scrubbed in favour of getting more punters in for the £25 a head Valentines Day deal.  

Today I went to the Shire Horse and confronted the manager and yes! They've cancelled our booking. They have my email and mobile but didn't bother contacting me. Annoyed? I'm bloody furious! We would have turned up on the night expecting 2 tables of 6 and there would have been some very un-Valentine's Day language! 

East Berks have been going to The Shite Horse for around 20 years, but I think this may well be the end. For the sake of a few extra quid on Valentines they've lost our custom for the next 10+ years. 

I have 10 days to find a Valentines Day venue! 


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1 hour ago, Chris A said:

Or, recreate the Valentine's day massacre

So the East Berks, turn up in dark suit`s, fedora`s and carrying violin cases? 👍 I`ll look on line for the Violin cases?. Could be a "nice little earner".


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