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Triumph 2000 1973 auto to manual


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the big saloon boxes are pretty much all the same incl TR6 what does vary is the Overdrive  

2000 uses mainly J type    the 2500  possibly the A type    the only difference being their torque capacity 

there are some silly complications with depth of flywheel/crank back length  ( down to age of the engine)    and you need a new spigot bearing bush 

is yours a mk1 mk2   facelift  etc  



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Your car is about change point between A type and J type.

find whatever is a good price.

you need a relay and loom for an A type 

you need spacers for the cross member and longer studs for a J type 

get a saloon box, TR ones are more expensive anyway.

different back plate I think.

Saloon flywheels are great big heavy things. Perhaps get a few kg shaved off.

OD gear sticks are not cheap usually, so perhaps find another solution.

Very early (63/64) gearboxes may be different, but don’t think so.

Long back and Short back refers to the crank.

Mk1 2000 and MK1 PI are long back, rest are short back. Get the right flywheel. You need a short back one.

make sure you fit a Mk2 type release bearing carrier and slippers, what ever gearbox you get.

fit a new cross shaft pin, and cross drill it as well if you can. Also drill hole in bottom of cross shaft pin hole in fork, so you can get snapped pin out when it breaks again.

finally, Lockheed clutch masters are expensive, and use a series 3 Land Rover slave. Much cheaper.

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