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Premixed body filler


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All bodyfillers I've seen are 2 part, where you mix in a hardener as a catalyst for the curing process.

I currently use Isopon P38.

Mixing up body filler is one of my least favourite jobs so I am wondering, is there any product out there that's premixed?

It's not like I have to do this for Pollyfilla when filling holes in a wall but maybe the difference is the material to be filled.

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3 hours ago, DJB350Z said:

is there any product out there that's premixed?

There are some very fine fillers which are one-pack, air drying (e.g BodyPro P980). Very useful for dealing with small defects or for surface correction - but maximum thickness on application is about 1 to 2mm so not really 'filler' as usually understood. So there's not really much of an alternative to 2k fillers for general purposes.

The sometimes messy job of mixing is made easier with the use of a Filler Mixing Board ('Onion'). Very handy at around a tenner for 100 sheet pack (but not Halfords at £13 for a twenty sheet pack!!). Might help.

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Thanks Chris for the advice. I actually have BodyPro 980 ready to use but kind of dismissed/forgot about it as a 'proper' filler because as you pointed out it's quite fine.

Just ordered 100 sheets and 10 spreaders for 8.99. 👍

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Watching another YouTube from Kurtis @ Cutting Edge ( a pro heavy plant machinist - See "CEE Australia")  i s\w him reach for said 'onion board' and thought, Oh, even the pros use it!    But no.   He rolled the paper into a funnel and poured hydraulic fluid through it!

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