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Petrol reacted with paint.


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I think its more a case of rattle cans having become more environmentally friendly and so useless. This has quietly happened with a lot of products and theres not a lot we can do about it except return items for refunds - do check what it says on the can in that miniscule print first though....

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Resprayed my Vitesse a few years ago in cellulose. I'am careful not to get drips of petrol on the paintwork. It will wipe off if done immediately without marking, but if left on a flat surface the paint will go flat with a white chalky appearance, but it T-Cuts off easily.

It took a year or so for the cellulose paint on my car to fully dry, and even now if it's rained on and the sun comes out it will leave outlines of the rain droplets in a couple of places. Spoke with the suppliers and manfactures at the time, and they suggested it could have been the under coat not fully cured before top coat was applied. I followed the udercoat manufactures aplication, curing time etc. so not sure.

My dad was a paint sprayer and I would help him as s boy, in the  early 70's, with masking up etc. He would spray a car in cellulose, leave it overnight to cure, unmask and it was ready to go. You could polish it out if required in a couple of days if careful on edges etc.

I would guess the cellulose back in the day was different mix, probably more toxic, but it worked well.


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