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Tidying up Quarter Lights - Vitesse

Paul H

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It is ages since I did riveting, but they used to be available from fastening companies. Is it really essential to removes the catches? If not, just mask the stainless parts.

If essential, you will have to drill them out and find replacements. They are rivetting 'Dollies' that form straight rivets into that shape. Annoyingly, I had a box of roundhead screws with some that were not slotted across the heads. They would have made good rivets. (I chucked them).

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What size are they? They could be mushroom head semi-tubulars. Bresco do 5/16" and 7/32". A cursory search suggests you could get in touch with a supplier like Sapphire ProductsClevedon Fasteners, or Rivets Maker. They'd probably be able to set you up with a rivet set as well. I find companies that make a useful industrial product in the UK and have a rudimentary website are usually worthwhile to talk to, especially if you tell them the bizarre piece of restoration work you intend for their product. You may find someone who did the original rivetting!

Or you could just pop-rivet them, but where's the fun in that?

I'd give the back of the catch and the rivets a good coating of waxoyl or lanolin grease (or quench the hot part in linseed oil as the Swedes do) before refitting.

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