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Vitesse. Nearside drag link inner balljoint has slight play, MOT advisory

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Hi. This is the steering rack inner ball joint I gather.  I only do around 2000 miles gentle driving a year, so not too urgent I assume?.

If I understand the Haynes manual, this may be corrected by re shimming the balljoint cup and it's housing?.

If so, what would be the easiest way to do this, can it be done without removing the rack?.

I can't see any shims that are available?, and if I can adapt alternatives or make my own, then I enjoy that type of thing. If so what what be the best material to use? and any advice please.

PS. I understand that there is a bush on just the nearside of the rack that doesn't get lubed with regular greasing and can therefore wear. Could this be the issue? and any info on if this can be DIY repaired?.  In the manual, I cant find a reference to it, or see it on the rack diagram? 




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For the re-shimming, this video shows what I think you’re describing, and you can do that without removing the rack. Might have to make your own shims though. They’ll be from thin enough metal that you’ll be able to cut them fairly easily. 


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