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Oops -Herald 1200 wiper motor blown?

Barry Kemp

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I think I've just done something stupid!

I was re-connecting  the wiper motor after a bit of a clean-up and re- connected the battery when the wiper switch was on. Result, wiper motor no longer wants to work.

Since there is no fuse is this likely to be fatal? Is there anything that can be done to fix the motor?

New ones are pretty expensive.





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There are two types both are serviceable have you disturbed or not connected it correctly


undo the screws that hold the gear cover , undo the sleeve nut to disconnecf the pipe , remove the cover and lift the rack off its spigot on the gear wheel check the sweep arm contact is clean and intact


if you undo the motor case screws you can check the brushes but beware these are sprung and wont

refit back over the communtator without some fiddling, some you can lock the brushes back with a eg

paper clip or stiff wire


Let us know what you find as there are a few special suppliers of parts for these I can suggest



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The wiper motor is permanently live, with the current broken by the park mechanism or the switch. Even if you wire it back to front - as I've done - this melted the loom and the motor was ok afterwards. I'd be surprised if merely reconnecting it while switched on has caused any serious damage; it may be just the mechanism sticking, especially the wiper cable mechanism which can sometimes stick at a point where it doesn't want to go backwards or forwards. Remove the motor from the wiper assembly and make sure the wipers themselves are moving smoothly under hand pressure. Once you get them moving freely again the motor might just start to work normally.

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